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Let us help you transfer your probate estate to your loved-ones.  This house was for sale for over $1M.
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Harrison Law PLLC assists clients with the generational transfer of wealth, asset protection, and estate planning.  Picture - Walter Harrison with grandson, Tommy Harrison. 

Harrison Law assists trustees and executors with choosing the correct fiduciary path.   
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Probate - VA, MD & DC.
Harrison Law PLLC assists clients with the process of filing a decedent’s Last Will and Testament with the appropriate local court and opening a probate estate (VA, DC, & MD).

While court representatives in most jurisdictions are extremely helpful, there are times when having an attorney to guide future executors and personal representatives though the probate process is beneficial.  In addition, if there are potential future unhappy beneficiaries, clients may benefit from hiring an attorney to provide a strategy for opening and managing the estate. 

We have over a decade of experience with assisting executors with the probate process and overall estate and trust administration in DC, MD & VA.   We have helped a wide verity of clients with transferring assets to the next generation (e.g. high-net worth clients in Potomac, MD, Washington, DC, and Middleburg, VA to assisting clients with bankrupt (insolvent) estates).  

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with probate and administration of an estate or trust. 

Estate Planning - VA, MD & DC. 
We assist all types of clients with their estate planning needs.  We generally concentrate our estate planning practice on high-net worth individuals that wish to have a plan in place that can reduce federal or state estate taxes (and/or inheritance taxes).  In addition, we help many not-so high net worth clients that wish to create trusts that may protect their spouses, minor children, adult children, and future generations from possible estate tax and potential legal claims (divorce and other litigation).  Please contact us to discuss what plan we can design to fit your needs. 

Fiduciary Representation. 
Harrison Law PLLC provides legal and tax advice to individuals named as a fiduciary (e.g. Executor, Trustee, and/or Personal Representative).  Fiduciaries often need, and truly benefit from, having the advice of an attorney when managing an estate or trust.  Mistakes by a fiduciary can result in personal lability (loss of your assets).      

We have provided legal advice to hundreds of fiduciaries over the past decade.  We have advised banks, surviving spouses, children, and non-related individuals whom are serving as a fiduciary.            

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist and guide you while serving as a fiduciary. 

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